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The Original Settlers at Keynor Hut 1937
Batchmere Football Team
Fletchers Womens Club
Keynor Home Guard
Unknown LSA Tenants 1939
Mr Fosberry Tenant at No 57 (Chalder Lane)
LSA Road Builders
Don Booth & 'Penelope Pig' 1954
King Edward VIII at Batchmere in 1936
Primary School 19??
Men's Charity Dinner (Keynor Hut)
Whirlwind 1956
Steam Sterilising
Golden Wedding, Keynor Hut, 1974, Wilson
Dyer's Corner
Soil Sterilisation
Spraying Lettuce
No 94 (1972)
Old & New
Highleigh Pound 1
Highleigh Pound 2
Keynor House & Hut 1986
Keynor House & Packing Shed 1986
Sales Brochure January 1986
Silksworth Colliery Geordie Forth No 17
Coombes Bakery (Selsey Road)
Jolly Fisherman (Selsey Road)
Bertie & Gladys Cutler (Warden 1940 ?) outside Keynor House
Launch of Heritage Trail 2015
Relatives of 'early settlers' at the launch of Heritage Trail 2015
BBC South Today prior to the launch
LSA House now in storage at The Weald and Downland Living Museum
Chicken shed & piggery prior to 'change of use'.
Residential property - former piggery & chicken shed
Norman Dixon (no 50) removing the last brick from the dismantled LSA house.
Original Landlord Glasshouse
Wooden framed Dutchlights
Storms 1956 & Mr Grimes (No 84)
Storm damage 1987
John 'Jack' Dixon (No 50) former horseman/Allerdene Colliery, County Durham
Norman Dixon (No 50) son of John Dixon
Batchmere Christian Fellowship
Batchmere Hut 1984
Don Wells LSA Propagation Manager
'Darkie' Kemp (No 39) & Doug Lichfield (No 42)
LSA Prospectus - No 73 on the cover
Fred Ruckley (No 19) & Jackie Kemp (No 2) both ex-miners from The Rhondda valley.
'Jack' & Mary Semmens (No 82) circa 1936
The Purcell family (No 35) 'returned north'
Rocking horse made by Charlie Roe (No 82) for his children
Jack Little (No 15) from Gateshead in 1939
Chichester Gala Float
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